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Web Applications Your Way

Odulo Enterprises builds web applications which are secure, robust, reliable, and very user friendly. We can design, develop, and implement any web solution for you. We work very closely with you to insure that your needs are met.

Start offering your customers the services you want now!

Custom Data-Driven Solutions

        Normalize data
Manipulate data the way you need
        Run custom complex reports fast and effortlessly with just a few keystrokes

Odulo Enterprises can design a brand new solution to suit your business needs, or build application modules to supplement your existing solutions. Modules can have their own independent data, automatically load data from your other databases, or run off of live data in your other databases.

We can build multi-user applications with user-level security and detailed transaction logging for you!

Web-Enable Your Data

Allowing web access to certain data can be priceless:

        Let customers see real time inventory information or project details and status.
Allow your sales team to work from any location with just a web browser.
        Make real time reports available online or allow complex data analysis to be performed from any web browser.

Allowing your customers to design their product or services requirements online will save you valuable time  and money! Just consider the benefits.

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