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Daniel Odulo

Every business manager is very aware of the fact that the organizationís profits depend on all of the above. Just a few vulnerabilities in your processes can have drastic impacts on the bottom line. We offer solutions that carefully address all of the key concerns to provide the best possible effect on your balance sheet.

We, at Odulo Enterprises, specialize in Business Data Consulting. We design, develop, implement, train on, and support custom database solutions in all industries.

We can design a brand new solution to suit your business needs, or build application modules to supplement your existing solutions. Modules can have their own independent data, automatically load data from your other databases, or run off of life data in your other databases.

We can design, develop, and implement any web solution your needs may require. We build web applications which are secure, robust, reliable, and user friendly. Start offering your customers the services you want now.

We specialize in rapid full lifecycle development
of custom solutions for most data needs, including:
Data mining, normalization, and warehousing,
Automating data and report distribution,
Process automation,
Custom secure multi-user desktop applications,
Custom web applications,
Web-enabling data,
Data manipulation and interaction tools.

We would love to have the opportunity to design, develop, and implement a multi-user, secure, user friendly solution for your company. In addition, we will train users and write documentation for our products.

Odulo Enterprises will solve any data related problem!
A well designed solution can save your company a large sum of money every month. We, at Odulo Enterprises, will patiently work with you to address each and every need you have, to insure maximum productivity, output, and performance.

We are open to contract opportunities worldwide.

Productivity Custom Web Solutions User friendly
Automation Custom Desktop Solutions Multi-user
Integration Web-enable Data Secure

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