About me

I am a Senior Business Data Consultant - Custom Database Application Developer.
I specialize in rapid full lifecycle development of custom solutions for most data needs, including:

Daniel Odulo


process automation,
e-commerce and e-business,
data mining, normalization, and warehousing,
automating data and report distribution,
and data manipulation and interaction tools.
I build solutions which are:
secure - user level security and transaction tracking,
distributed - desktop, web or combination of the two.
I specialize in the following development tools / platforms:
MS SQL Server 2000,
VBScript, VBA, VB .NET,
XML Web Services,
MS Access V 2.0 through 2003.
I would love to have the opportunity to design, develop, and implement a multi-user, secured, user friendly solution for your company. In addition, I train users and write documentation for my products. I poses very strong analytical, decision making, and social skills.
Additional information about what I do, my products, and services can be found on my Consulting Services site.
I am a US citizen, and am looking for contract opportunities worldwide.
I am located in San Jose, California.
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