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If you have a webpage and you want to let visitors contact you via email, you have to include a link with your email address. There can be two major problems with this: one - you may not want to disclose your email address to everyone, two - if your web page is listed with search engines, and most pages are, then it is most likely constantly scouted by crawlers collecting email addresses for the purpose of sending out junk mail.

This feature allows you to open an account, and include a link to this contact page with your username, allowing visitors to send you email without ever disclosing your email address.

It is very simple. When you create your account, you will select a username, enter your name as you wish it to be displayed on the form, and your email address, which will be used to send the email, but will remain private. You will be able to login at any time to make any changes you wish, i.e. change your display name or your email address. Then, on your web pages, instead of creating a link to you@yourdomain.com, you will create a link to www.odulo.com/contact.asp?to=yourusername. That's all there is to it. When the visitor is done sending you the email, they will get a link to return to the page they came from. You may also specify a different return page by simply adding the 'r' parameter, i.e. www.odulo.com/contact.asp?to=yourusername&r=http://www.odulo.com.

Want to see how it works? Simply click the 'Contact Webmaster' link at the bottom of this or any other page, and you'll see how with just the username, you can send a real email message to the recipient. You can also access the feature without a username - http://www.Odulo.com/contact.asp - note that 'Send' is disabled.

Signup now! You get security and privacy for only $25 per year per account! And it's completely risk free! You have two weeks to pay for your new account, but it is activated immediately, so you have plenty of time to try it out! No credit card is needed to start - it is truly risk free!

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