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Odulo e-Commerce

Odulo e-Commerce is a full service solution, which allows us to fully host the e-commerce portion of your business, in any industry, supporting both retail and wholesale. The system is very feature-full, dynamic, scalable and easy to use. The administration utility is web-based, allowing you to perform most of the design, maintenance, and administration tasks easily online.

Here are just a few spotlights on what Odulo e-Commerce offers:


Sites to check out

For examples of the implementation of the e-Commerce solution check out the following live and demo online stores:

The home page features a rich, custom designed, navigation menu, and displays featured products. Some of the category pages also contain custom HTML contend, in addition to the sub-categories and items. Many of the item pages also contain rich custom HTML content. Most items utilize inventory control, and many have one, two, or even three option selections, with each option choice providing separate inventory control.

Note that everything you see can be setup/entered through the web based administration utility.



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