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Host your event registration here!

Would you like to host your event registration on this system? Well you can. It is very affordable, and brings a priceless level of convenience and power to you and your event participants by allowing them to easily manage their registration over a period of time, register multiple attendees from a single account, and make payments online if a balance is due.

  • Setup all the custom registration choices you need:
    • Integer fields
    • Float fields
    • Date fields
    • Text fields (50 chars)
    • Memo fields (4,000 chars)
    • Boolean fields (check box) - can have a price attached
    • Combo Box fields (only one choice can be selected) - choices can have prices attached
    • Multiple Choice fields (any number of choices can be selected - great for polls!) - choices can have prices attached
    • Text Blocks - can be plain text or HTML and can be placed anywhere in the form, just like a form field.
    • Dividers - can be placed anywhere in the form, just like a form field, to logically divide your form.
  • All the choices made by the registree that have a price attached are added up and make up the total due.
  • Collect payments electronically if your registrations require a payment.
  • A registree can register multiple attendees under one account! Great for corporate or group registrations.
  • A registree can make multiple payments, great when multiple attendees are making individual payments.
  • Run the event multiple times - repeating events, i.e. classes or monthly or annual events.
  • Provides a printable version of complete blank registration form - for registration by mail of fax.
  • Administrator access:
    • Print out the event roster,
    • Print out attendee sheet with all the attendee info and selections in a report format on one page,
    • Edit any registration, including modifying user's selections and the amounts for individual options,
    • Download registration data, (available by request, coming soon to the web interface,)
    • View and print the registration and option selection statistics - see a live count of all choices made!
    • Edit payment details or existing payments or apply a manual payment,
    • Setup multiple administrators with different permission levels.
  • And much more!

If you would like to find out more, contact us with the specifics of your needs and we will get back to you with pricing and other details.

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